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How to Transport Fine Art

Transporting fine art requires safe handling along with protection. Every time a piece of art is conveyed from one place to another it is subject to the risk of being …

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Five Ways to Protect Your Valuable Artwork

Many art investors are concerned about the appropriate storage of valuable artwork. There are a few techniques and precautions you can take to ensure that your artwork remains as viable …

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5 Amazing Examples of Landscaping as Art

Your landscape design can be a spectacular example of living art. When you plan your design, decide on what type of artistic presentation you want to convey with your landscaping …

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Watercolor Painting Techniques for Beginners

I’ve never been a real big fan of warming up. Not when I’m exercising or (trying to) sing or write calligraphy or anything else I’ve dabbled in. No, I’m more …

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Become an Expert in Color Theory and Color Mixing

Readers are always asking for more instruction and painting methods surrounding color, which is not surprising considering how crucial color, the color wheel, and mixing colors are to a successful work of art. …

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How to Store Your Expensive Artwork

If you’ve got an expensive piece of art, it is vitally important that you know how to store it. Many things can damage art such as weather, animals, or mistreatment …

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What Happens to an Aging Artist’s Eyes?

After a minor vision scare, we are reminded of the fragility of the eye – these complex organs that allow us to experience all the visual beauties of the world. …

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Are We Wired for Beauty?

The science community is busy investigating the mechanisms and processes by which people are able to perceive the world around them and make visual sense of it. There are many …

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How to Clean your Paint Brushes after Oil Painting: Brush Cleaning 101

An artist’s most valuable tools are his or her brushes, and to keep a paintbrush lasting as long as possible it’s important to get all the paint out of the …

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9 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Have Their Own Art Blog

Many artists have been successfully blogging for years, whether by writing articles like I do or publishing images of their own artwork on a daily or weekly basis. In fact, …

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