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5 Amazing Examples of Landscaping as Art

Your landscape design can be a spectacular example of living art. When you plan your design, decide on what type of artistic presentation you want to convey with your landscaping elements. Take some time to explore various designs and to do some research to find out what type of flowers, trees and shrubs grow best in your area. Be sure to factor in the amount and type of lawn care your landscape design will require.

Architectural Plantings


Your landscape can become an artistic feature if you plant trees and shrubs that have a unique and artistic appearance. A weeping cherry tree, weeping willows and corkscrew willows are good examples of trees that can add artistic flair to your landscaping. According to Landscapers in Utah, southern plantation landscapes are a good example of how impressively trees can enhance a landscape.

Artistic Shrubs


Specific varieties of evergreens can be trimmed in a manner that gives them the distinction of being living art. Ladew Gardens and Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden provide inspiration and ideas for how you can use topiaries to add artistic value to your landscape.

Follow the Pathway
A lot of landscape art is created so that the elements in the painting lead your eye deeper into the painting. Your landscape design can do the same. Including walkways in your landscape can increase visual curiosity as your mind wonders what lies ahead. Pathways lined with Hostas or other low-growing plants can enhance your overall landscape design.

Garden Structures


Incorporating outdoor structures into your landscaping plans is an excellent way to add artistic value to your curb appeal. A gazebo, arbor, pergola or trellis can become a focal point in your landscape. Fountains are another artistic feature that can enhance the visual appeal of your landscape.

Seasonal Planting

A landscape that is deigned to function as living art should be a feast for the eyes all year. The flowers you plant in spring and summer will add color to the landscape. By planting flowers and shrubs that bloom in autumn, the artistic presentation will continue. There are some shrubs, such as holly, camellia and winterberry, that provide color in the landscape throughout the winter months. Transitional cottage gardens are an ideal example of seasonal beauty.

With careful planning and proper maintenance, your landscape can be artistically attractive throughout the year. There are plants available to help you create landscape art that is whimsical, sophisticated, elegant or any artistic style you choose.



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