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Searchartdirectory Art offers an unparalleled selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography in a range of prices, and it provides artists from around the world with an expertly curated environment in which to exhibit and sell their work.Based in America, searchartdirectory is redefining the experience of buying and selling art by making it easy, convenient and welcoming for both collectors and artists.

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Though many talented painters created exquisite works prior to the European Renaissance, some of the most seminal painters in the history of fine art emerged during that period — shaping the landscape of fine art paintings for centuries to come. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, and Botticelli, are probably among the most recognized fine art artists of this period.


Dating back at least 40,000 years, humans have created drawings as both a form of artistic expression and communication. Before the invention of writing, people used pictography–a system of communication using a series of drawn icons resembling actual physical objects. disciplines among both professional and amateur artists alike.


A sculptor can achieve his desired results by either subtractive techniques (i.e. chipping or carving material away, as with stone or wood) or additive techniques (i.e. adding material, as with clay or wax). Once the desired form is achieved, depending on the medium, the sculpture is either complete or extra processes are required. 

Searchartdirectory Art is a brilliant innovation, particularly for collectors without deep pockets. The site is also delightfully subversive because, in so many instances, the quality of the work beats out many a pricey offering from the average blue-chip gallery.

Paul Gilberson, Studio Director