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Five Ways to Protect Your Valuable Artwork

Many art investors are concerned about the appropriate storage of valuable artwork. There are a few techniques and precautions you can take to ensure that your artwork remains as viable and intact as the day you bought it.


Use an Alarm System


Home alarm systems are extremely important to deter and prevent theft of valuable artwork. When you store art at home, your house needs to be secure from top to bottom. Get a DSC home alarm system installed today, and you won’t have to worry about any thieves getting into your art. Thieves are a big problem, and having this alarm can eradicate thieves altogether.


Frame and Enclose Artwork


Getting artwork framed and enclosed helps prevent scratches to the sides and bottom when it is being moved. Second to preventing theft is keeping it from getting damaged during the moving process. Get every piece framed if it already is not, and enclose smaller sculptures in boxes.


Avoid Natural Elements

Avoid direct sunlight shining on your art. Many paintings have faded due to inappropriate lighting. UV rays can damage and separate the pigments from the oil in oil paint, causing it to age and deteriorate. Cracking of the paint ensues, and sunlight fades oil and acrylic paint, as well.


Use Climate-Controlled Storage


Always keep art in a climate controlled environment. The room must be right around or slightly below room temperature for optimal storage. Avoid storage bins that are not climate controlled, and attics, that get the hot and cold extremes. You do not want the paint to freeze or bleed oil.


Keep it a secret

Don’t tell anyone you have it. Many thieves find out about artwork through word of mouth, so it is important to keep your treasures only between you and those you completely trust. If not, thieves will find out that you have it. You can also get a DSC home alarm system installed today if you feel like too many people already know that you have the valuable art. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Storing, moving and securing artwork is part of the art investment process. To be enraptured in a work of art that is valuable can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Art can be so magnificent and beautiful, and it can be a great investment, as well. So, use proper moving practices, and deter theft with a home alarm from DSC. Get a DSC home alarm system installed today, and you will be safer and more secure in the storage of your valuable artwork today.