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Why paint a wall with stripes

Walls. You see them every day. You wake up to them, you are enclosed by them, and when you die, you walk through them! For some reason, humanity has this …

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Who’s Bob Ross

If you’ve ever heard of “happy little trees” or “happy clouds” then you’ve probably heard of Bob Ross, the iconic painter who brought the joy of painting to millions of …

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Local SEO in Orange County

Local SEO Experts in Orange County

What our local SEO services look like: We’ll audit your business information all across the web. We take the time to ensure that your business information is correct to give …

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“The Painter and the Thief”

Have you seen the trailer for this movie?! It made the rounds in the festival circuit, including Sun Dance, and by all accounts audiences received it with rave reviews. Even …

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The hairy potter

When I was a university student, I rented a bunkhouse from a ceramics instructor in town.  He had established himself in the art community as one of the best potters …

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