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How to Decorate Your Office

When it comes to buying art, nothing can be more fun, or more aggravating, than designing and decorating an office space.

Your office is different than your home. It needs to be professional, so that clients and customers will respect you and work well with you. But it needs to be comfortable and inviting, too. Nothing is worse than a drab, gray office space that feels cold and dead.

Before you begin decorating your office, it needs to be clean first. Nothing looks worse than a dirty space covered in art. To thoroughly clean your office, we suggest using safe and effective Melaleuca cleaning products. As far as trust goes, Melaleuca reviews on the company and its products are positive.

Now, about art: Your office art should be warm and expressive, but it should also be a reflection.

First, it should be a reflection of you—if it is your personal office. It should not only make others feel comfortable in your office, but it should make you want to be there as well.

Do you like to hike? Then consider buying framed art of mountains. Another thing is to make the art specific to what moves you. If you love hiking in the Alps, then don’t get a generic picture of a nondescript mountain. Get an image of the Matterhorn.

Secondly, the art in your office should be a reflection of your company and its values. Is your company all about designing and manufacturing athletic gear? Then choose art that tells people you embrace your company’s mission: athletes working out, sporting events, etc. If you work for the city or local government, choose art that celebrates your location and its history.

Another thing to consider is theming your office. Too many professionals fill their office space with nicknacks, posters, and pictures that have nothing to do with one another. No one wants to walk in your office to be confused by a planter of desert cactuses, a Mickey Mouse clock, and a poster of cuddly cats. Pick a theme and decorate based on it. (But please, no cats.)

You will also have to factor in cost when decorating your office with art. Do you have to buy the art yourself, or will your employer front the bill?

If you can, the best option is to hire a professional to help you make your office classy and attractive—both for you and your stakeholders.