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How to Store Your Expensive Artwork

If you’ve got an expensive piece of art, it is vitally important that you know how to store it. Many things can damage art such as weather, animals, or mistreatment due to poor storage units. According to Memphis Storage Units, not all storage facilities contain adequate security or humidity controls. When your art is that expensive, you can’t take risks on it. Here are some tips on ways to store your expensive artwork:

When placing a painting in storage, it is important to prepare it for hibernation. Wipe the painting’s frame and make sure it is free of all dust and gunk. If the painting is being transported, make sure that it is locked tight and won’t move around during travel. If you must transport it using a moving service, make sure “FRAGILE” is written clearly on the box. If possible, talk directly to the mover to make sure they know how important it is that the painting is handled carefully. If the painting is expensive, it is advised to transport it yourself.

Temperature and Humidity



Leaving art in storage units without temperature and humidity control is a costly mistake. Fluctuating climate can cause warping and cracking in a painting. For this reason, it is wise to store art in a place with a dehumidifier and constant temperature of 70-75 degrees. It is also wise to keep paintings out of sunlight. Sun will cause a fluctuation in temperature that will cause the paint to crack. See also the Washington Post’s article on common mistakes that could damage artwork.

Keeping it Safe
When storing art in storage units, it is important to protect your painting from dust, animals, and weather. It is important to give your painting “breathing” room, so toilet paper or a blanket will work better than wrapping paper.

Flood Damage Prevention



There are many situations in which a storage facility could have water damage. A strong rain storm or flood could cause the floor to flood. For this reason, always store painting on shelving. If no shelving is available, put it on a wooden pallet. Keeping it off the ground could be the difference between a ruined painting and a painting in mint condition.

When storing and transporting paintings, it is important that it is done correctly. Mishandling a painting can lead to cracking, warping, bending and color fading. Taking good care of your expensive paintings will allow for a painting to look like new for years to come.