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ART – It’s something that comes from the heart and connects with the hearts rather than the minds. Art is a very large and diverse range of activities of human in creating visual, audio or making artworks. Simply, it is the expression of artist’s imaginative or technical talents, which are to be appreciated and noted for their beauty and emotional power.
True art is represented in its mimesis, that is, its representation of real world; expressing quality; emotions that it communicates; or other qualities that stir the soul. Art cultivated and grew during the Roman period. Being a keen judge and knowing the difference between a true and a fake art can be a difficult task. One cannot easily expect to grow to be an art professional; but it’s a ability that can be refined and developed if one has the passion for it. Many a times, it’s truly complicated even visualising the art. Any art piece however can be judged on the basis of the following five aspects. Whether it is a simple painting in your next door art gallery or a high end sculpture in a MNC building – all can be introspected on the basis of :-

  • BEAUTY – The first thing that a person notices about a picture is how it looks. The visual aspect, are therefore, the most important and should be f the primary concern. A painting either catches your attention or it doesn’t. This comes naturally to a person. Some of the aspects that promote beauty are repeated patterns or symmetry; complementing colours; textures like thick, impasto paint; compositions that are eye catching and a few other things.
  • SKILL AND TECHNIQUE – Technical skills are the measurable and comparable aspect of art. After observing a sculpture or painting, one can note the high level of skill it took to develop the piece in comparison to other normal ones. A keen and time taking observation makes it clear which of the two pieces under consideration is more skilfully done and has technical depth.
  • INHERENT MEANING – Not all art is meant to provoke our thoughts or have a inner meaning but for those that do, well they cause emotions, challenge pre maintained ideas or acclaim political or social statements.
  • EXCLUSIVITY – This is perhaps what makes art so loved. Everything is unique and new. Same ideas and claims are brought up in various ways; each completely different from the other one. Good artists either find new topics, or old ones in a new way. Uniqueness doesn’t always pays off. It either enhances the quality of the portrait or distracts attention from it.
  • FULFILLED INTENT – What does the artist want to communicate? That must be pretty clear. Most of the modern art we see today has its own unique message. If the artist intents one thing and the art depict another message, it’s a total waste.

Overall, a good art piece is appealing to all. It has a meaning beyond the visual image. It stands out amongst all others and is courageous enough to be different.