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Art for Everyone: 10 Reasons to Love Framed Prints

Forever planning to make your first original art purchase, and life’s unexpected expenses keep getting in the way? Are you trying to balance Tiffany taste with Target pockets? Were you finally ready to purchase your favorite painting and someone just beat you to it? Meet framed art prints. Buying art prints from your favorite emerging artists is an attainable way to start collecting art and support artists you care about in the process.  There are lots of reasons to love the style and value framed prints can bring to your home.

1. Do you hate to wait?  Don’t postpone joy any longer! Prints are affordable. This is especially helpful when you first get a new place, have a lot of blank walls to cover, or you’re ready for a quick style overhaul. Many art prints are also standard sizes, which makes framing easy and less expensive.

2. If you love the look of gallery walls, framed prints are a great addition to fill things out, either on their own or combined with original art, flea market treasures and small hanging sculpture.

3. Framed prints play well with wallpaper and can also look fantastic in vintage, rustic and eclectic antique frames. For a completely different look, try framing small prints in extra wide mattes for added emphasis, or to help fill a larger space.

4. Framed art prints make dreamy replacements for headboards. If you’re tired of the same old budget furniture or prefer a more minimal look, feature an oversized art print behind your bed instead, and create a beautiful focal point.

5. Painting a rental can be expensive and messy, and preparing for it is always more work than anyone bargains for. If you’re in the mood for a quick home makeover or cost-effective way to warm up and colorize your space, hang framed art prints and add some life to your apartment walls without ever lifting a brush.

6. Hanging art and prints in an open layout can help define the different spaces in your living area. Use framed prints to give your studio “rooms.”

7. Colorful framed art prints are a fantastic way to introduce some style into your child’s room décor without cracking the piggybank, and introduce young ones to the joys of collecting art in the process.

8. Older children will love choosing the prints themselves. A specially chosen art print makes a fantastic present to decorate a dorm room.

9. If you’re starting a new business and have an office to decorate, your budget for art may be non-existent, but using framed prints makes sense. Hanging a few inexpensive artworks above your desk may offer all the inspiration you need to break through that creative roadblock and your work time more productive.

10. One of the things I like best about art prints is that they make it easy to share the art you love. Think about buying an art print for someone you care about the next time you have to shop for a birthday gift or a wedding gift. Congratulate your best friend on buying their first house or renting their first apartment with a framed print in their favorite colors or by one of their favorite artists.