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Subjective art

It might be a new term but it is not completely unknown. Subjective art is the creativity or artistry that is done to show the inner state of an artist. It projects his psychology, imagination, fantasies, while designing his art.

It is difficult to understand subjective art since it is a creation by somebody pouring his/her subjectivity on the canvas. The practice of looking at subjective art and understanding it first before liking it helps us appreciate it. Many of the great painters of contemporary world have been subjective artists, it might be difficult to evaluate the beauty of their pictures or artistry until we try to understand their psychology, since these types of art works might reflect the emotions with which they are drawn.

Expressive and Done without any Vision

Insanity in the mind of man can be well depicted in them. Certainly, it is a very private practice of artistry which is expressive and done without any vision for the person who will see it. In such a way some can call subjective artists as great painters or poets, or musicians. At the same time, a handful of people might fail to understand the depth of this artistry and render it meaningless.

Ancient Art

The ancient art was thus an intensely mystic thing and was inclined to exploring the depths of artistic values that can give inner peace. I strongly believe that art produces aesthetic emotions, which is awaken by expressive forms.

But art has great objective character as well. Art is of varying nature, many a times; it is not only emotional subjectivity that it is based on but, the objective characteristics too define great artistry. In this, the artists portray things that people want to see.

Objective techniques are the ones that are generally taught to artists while the subjective nature to art is the unique flavor given by the artist himself. Great artists are the ones who think of both the techniques, i.e. subjective and objective before the art is executed.

Master piece of some great artists is the blended expression of the subjective and objective characteristics of their ecstasy or agony.