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Why paint a wall with stripes

Walls. You see them every day. You wake up to them, you are enclosed by them, and when you die, you walk through them! For some reason, humanity has this misplaced conclusion that solid colors are the only right answer for painting a wall. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, some of the most interesting and invigorating wall painting solutions are designs and murals. And probably the easiest way to start is something as simple as painting a wall with stripes. Why would you paint a wall with stripes? Well, here are three reasons.

Four reasons to paint a wall with stripes

Stripes can make your room feel taller.

If you want to give the allusion that your room is taller, then paint a pattern of vertical stripes on the wall(s).

Stripes can make your room feel larger

If you want to give the feeling of a wider, more expansive room, then paint horizontal stripes on the wall(s).

Stripes communicate that you’re interesting

Stripes are an easy way to brighten the room and add some flare to the ambiance which communicates to the guests that you are not boring. You are interesting!

Stripes are artistic

Being artistic is so much more than painting a picture, throwing a pot, or sculpting a statue! Remember, some of the biggest canvases in the world have been walls used for murals. Why not turn your wall into its own canvas?!

How to paint stripes on a wall

Painting stripes requires some exactness, but just because it requires exactness doesn’t mean it can’t by done at home as a DIY project. In true Home Depot helpful style, here is a handy step-by-step guide the home improvement store provided that has proven helpful to me with this task.

And if you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out House Painting Tutorials which shows a variety of striped wall examples, including:

  • horizontal stripes
  • vertical stripes
  • diagonal stripes
  • pinstripes
  • plaid
  • grids
  • zig zags
  • and . . . wiggly, hand-painted stripes!

Materials you’ll need

As with any home improvement project, you’ll need the right materials. Remember, it never pays to cut corners on supplies. If you want to paint stripes correctly, then you’ll need the following materials, available at any home improvement store like Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace.

  • Measuring tape
  • Large paint roller
  • Small paint roller
  • Paint brush (2″)
  • Painters blue tape
  • Paint: 1 gallon is PLENTY